Anchor Line

The Anchor Line Permanent Apartment Program works with homeless young adults ages 18-21. Anchor Line supports these youth by providing subsidized housing, food, case management, and life skills education in order to give them the time and skills they need to successfully live on their own. Youth who live in the apartment program are required to find employment that will enable them to support themselves, and are strongly encouraged to enroll in school, participate in counseling, and learn life skills that will help them be independent. Anchor Line serves four youth at a time for as long necessary.

The Anchor Line Youth Supported Housing Project will provide:

  • Safe, living accommodations for up to four youth
  • Food, clothing and transportation
  • Individual therapy
  • Intensive life skills education and assessments
  • Computer literacy skills
  • Case management and advocacy
  • Recreational/cultural activities

The program will also ensure that youth are linked with educational services, employment, driver’s education, medical and dental care, behavioral health assessments and psychiatric services, and other support services. The Anchor Line staff will help residents make the best use of all services available through the program and in the community and assist them in the application of newly acquired skills. Anchor Line will be linked with the Anchorage and Anchor Link, our transitional living and outreach programs and will benefit from the services offered by the programs and from the experience of the staff that operate the programs.

Anchor Line Apartments
A Permanent Supportive Housing Program of Anchor House Inc.

What is a Permanent Supportive Housing Program?

Permanent Supportive Housing Programs (PSH) are affordable housing combined with support services that help young adults live more stable and productive lives.  At Anchor Line Apartments, tenants will sign the lease to an apartment that they share with another young adult.  Tenants are responsible for paying 30% of their income towards rent.  Tenants work with our Support Services staff in order to maintain their housing situation while working towards obtaining education.

CoC Rapid Rehousing for Homeless Youth ages 18-24

Apartments and supportive services will be offered to youth eligible for housing under HUD guidelines Youth will be offered:

  •  Life Skills Assessment and training
  •  Education services
  •  Employment assistance
  •  Housing search
  •  Counseling services
  •  Outreach services
  •  Transportation

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