J – Anchorage – “Prior to being homeless, I was in a group home and signed myself out because I thought that I would be able to maintain living on my own and taking care of myself…Since coming to the Anchorage in February 2015, I have been able to maintain a stable living situation that I haven’t been able to have in a while. In addition, I was able to make strides towards self- sufficiency in the areas of education, employment, leadership, and life-skills. I would highly recommend Anchorage as it has been a place where I have been able to grow and mature with the assistance and modeling of staff who ensure my safety and well-being.”

LW – Shelter – “I stayed at the Anchor House three times. Each time my experience became better…My time out of the Anchor House I come to visit often because this place to me is not a shelter it feels like a family. I know if I had a problem I could come to staff. This is a very safe and trusting place for kids my age. I thought the world was the most unhappiest place until I experience this place. They helped me with my anger problems and my life period. I really do appreciate everything that everyone has done for me.”

Tabitha J. – Outreach – “Anchor House has been an amazing experience. I’ve done things that I never thought I would do, and overcome many obstacles along the way. I believe my experience with Anchor House has helped me become a better person because despite all of my hardships, they have been there 100%, and believed in me every step of the way. They have given me strength when I thought I had none left. Even now I’m still experiencing their love and strength in my life. It has been a struggle transitioning from the person I use to be to this awesome adult that I am today. I look forward to meetings, and group just so I can feel the love and strength they have. It’s not easy being strong for everyone else when you have your own problems , but I believe you do it well. I love you guys!”

Marquis – Outreach – Anchor House, Outreach Program has helped me stay on track with school and job hunting. The staff here is really cooperative, not just with the clients in need but extremely cordial with those of whom deemed as co-workers. I feel that I can count on the staff of anchor house outreach office for anything in my times of need, there’s just a certain energy level that everyone here gives off in terms of kindness, endearment, focus, and encouragement. All in all, the program is a great place to be with a relaxed and motivational atmosphere.”

T. Ingram – Shelter – “At Anchor House I feel like I was treated as best as could be. They helped me with my family issues and any other problems that came in my way. While in Anchor House I feel like they can help me accomplish anything I struggle with. After I left Anchor House they still continue to help me with whatever I need…If I’m in need of any resources they have no problem lending a helping hand. Anchor House treats me as good as anybody would want to be treated…If any child in trouble or in a bad situation, I recommend Anchor House. When you come in it’s like you find a family you never had. The staff here is unbelievable. They really want you to see everyone who walks through the door to succeed in life.”

M. Wilson – School Outreach – “The program helped me in many ways. Ms. Lindsay showed me there are other ways to solving problems then just using my anger. She helped me understand that if I change for the better life would be easier. She took her time with us, stayed truthful and was cool about it. I would recommend people to see her or do the program. She gave us a lot of activities to do to help us understand our true feelings and that helped me out a lot and I thank her and the school outreach program.”



Kimber Lise McNear, Anchor House Executive Director from Anchor House on Vimeo.

Participant Interviews from Anchor House on Vimeo.