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Myasia’s Achieving Success Story

Myasia's Achieving Success Story

It is important that our youth not only have the opportunity to develop personally but also professionally. In February, Myasia, who has been part of our Connect to Home program since 2018, was selected to travel to Miami to attend the conference, “Achieving Success: Partnering with Transitional-Age Young Adults for Strong Housing Solutions.”  Alashia Mays, our Connect to Home Case Manager, joined her.

What made this conference unique is that it was not only meant for staff from agencies like Anchor House to convene, but also for youth with lived experience in the child welfare system to attend; for their voices to be heard. The conference included discussions on best practices, current research on transition-age youth, and funding for programs and services. It is also meant to spur collaboration and lift up solutions that allow transition-age youth to reach their fullest potential.

“During my time in Miami, I learned a lot, particularly about social work in Houston, where adolescents are not well-served,” explained Myasia. “Many young people have to figure things out for themselves. For example, they are not provided with resources in their state, so they must seek them out on their own. If they can’t find any, they may be homeless. We have a lot of resources in NJ, and we have programs that will help you with many things you may need.”

Alashia and Myasia attending the Achieving Success conference together.

Connect to Home is an innovative program that utilizes Section 8 vouchers to provide housing to youth who have a history in the child welfare system. As a single mother aging out of the foster system, Myasia worked with our Connect to Home program to navigate, secure, and maintain a housing voucher. She is a thoughtful and strong advocate for herself, her children, and others in the Connect to Home program. She is close to graduating from college (attending on a full scholarship), and moved into a new home last year.

Myasia’s suggestion for future conferences is to have more youth from different states who can talk about similar programs in their communities, like Anchor House. Connect to Home is funded through a contract with the NJ Department of Child Protection and Permanency (DCP&P) who invited both Myasia and Alashia to attend the conference. Myasia hopes that more youth will have the opportunity to be offered to attend the conference like she did.

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