What is Anchor House?

How does it work?

What are your hours of operation?

How does an individual apply for a program that Anchor House Provides?

Who are Anchor House’s Affiliates?

How are donations distributed and used?
Are donations to Anchor House tax deductible?
Where does Anchor House operate? Does it serve the entire community?
How can I become a certified volunteer?
Where can I find the volunteer application to fill out?
How or where can one complete the state and federal fingerprinting process?
What services do these programs offer?
What is the contact information for the crisis hotline? When are they available?
Where can I find the employment application form?
Where can I find more information concerning your Events
What are the criteria for becoming an employee with Anchor House?
How do I become an intern with Anchor House?

Where can I find the internship application form?