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Anchor House Shelter- Anchor House Shelter is a 24-hour program for runaway, homeless and at-risk youth ages 10-17 in Mercer County, New Jersey. As one of the nation’s federally funded basic centers, runaway and homeless youth have walk-in access to the program 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The shelter’s primary purpose is to meet the immediate needs of runaway and homeless youth and their families, and to reunite them as quickly as possible. Anchor House works intensively with youth and their families to stabilize their crises and improve family relationships. Anchor House’s services include crisis intervention, individual and family counseling, temporary shelter, food and clothing, advocacy, outreach, and support groups. The shelter serves more than 150 youth residential and 75 youth on an out-client basis each year. Sixty five percent of the youth we serve are successfully returned to their families within 30 days. When family reunification is not possible, Anchor House works with the youth to find a safe, alternative place to live. Anchor House also reaches out into the community to help youth and families in crisis. A School Outreach Counselor works with the schools throughout Mercer County to provide crisis intervention services whenever needed and acts as a liaison to the schools for youth living at the shelter. To get help and receive service at the Shelter, call us anytime at 609-396-8329, or you can walk in: 482 Centre Street Trenton, NJ 08611

Anchorage- The Anchorage Transitional Living Program provides residential services to homeless youth ages 18-21 to ensure their successful transition to independence.  The program’s goal is to help youth develop the skills they need to be employed, to encourage them to enroll in continuing education, and to obtain community resources, appropriate medical care, financial assistance, and behavioral health services.  The Anchorage also provides services to youth on an out-client basis. All youth served by the program can participate in life skills educational activities, counseling, and job assistance.  The youth are directly involved in design, operation, and evaluation of the Anchorage; and each component of the program is developed on individual needs, strengths, and desires of the youth. The Anchorage also works with youth to ensure that they are taught the skills they need to be the primary decision-makers in their lives. This transitional living program operates a group home as well as a supported housing  apartment program, Anchor Line. In the last year, The Anchorage provided long-term residential services to 12 youth.  100% of those youth attended an educational program with 7 attending college. To apply to the Anchorage, homeless youth call into the program 609- 989-1625. They will have to complete an initial screening. If the youth is eligible, he/she is scheduled for 2 interviews; one is with the Anchor House agency therapist. The new applicant will also complete a substance abuse subtle screening-(SASSI) and a Casey Life Skills Assessment.

Anchor Link- Anchor Link is the agency’s Street Outreach program.  It’s primary purpose is to reach out to youth on the streets to reduce the incidence of runaways homelessness, and to build relationships with youth to engage them in services that will help them be productive members of society.  Anchor Link  provides crisis intervention, counseling, assistance with job searches, linkages for shelter services or assistance locating safe living arrangements, referrals to community programs, advocacy, life skills education, and transportation. To get help and receive service at Outreach, call us anytime at 609-218-5630, or you can walk in: 899 S Broad Street Street Trenton, NJ 08611

Anchor Line- The Anchor Line Permanent Apartment Program works with homeless young adults ages 18-21. Anchor Line supports these youth by providing subsidized housing, food, case management, and life skills education in order to give them the time and skills they need to successfully live on their own. Youth who live in the apartment program are required to find employment that will enable them to support themselves, and are strongly encouraged to enroll in school, participate in counseling, and learn life skills that will help them be independent. Anchor Line serves four youth at a time for as long necessary.

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